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An Abstract of the Artist

     Ashley Lee is a shy yet outspoken American artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

     She is an independent filmmaker (audio editor, director, Foley artist, producer, video editor, and writer) and journalist (audio editor and feature writer) who enjoys learning new things.

     She is meticulous when it comes to doing what she does in order to ensure that the final product is immaculate for everyone and not just herself.

     Lee believes in authenticity and honesty as an individual and in her work as she feels this would help her stand out from others and also because it is the right thing to do. She is reliable and trustworthy to others depending on the situation and strongly believes in the use of communication.

     In her spare time, she knits, take photos, play some music, watch television or YouTube, volunteer at local nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations, produce audio content, and most importantly, spend time with her family.


My Resumes

Audio Production



Production Assistant

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