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Below are some of my works I have done in film- either solo or collaboratively.

All content are originals. Please do not copy, download, save, reproduce, nor use without my expressed written consent.


Your Peaceful Getaway (2020)

Ever had a frustrating day and wish that you could be some place where you can unwind and listen to those soothing waves?

"Your Peaceful Getaway" is the cure to your troubles.

Roles: Writer, Director, Voice-over Artist, Editor, Sound Design, Photographer, Director of Photography, and Producer


We'll Get There (2020)

Mickey returns home from their work to see their family to try and patch things up with their estranged parents. Along the way, Mickey learns it's harder than expected- especially if their farmer is in the way. Will things work out after all?

Credited as Story Development

Part of UNLV's Fall Festival's Six-Foot Films

Windsor Park: The Sinking Streets (2021)

In this documentary, students and faculty of a documentary techniques class in the UNLV  Department of Film co-produce and tell the story of an African-American neighborhood in Las Vegas (Windsor Park) receiving little aid and answers as to why their homes are sinking. The film also tackles environmental and social justice.

Credited as Audio Post Production

Uncredited: Co-Producer

Official Selection Oregon Documentary Film Festival 2022

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