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Here, you will find blogs discussing life and leisure (my journalism background). I hope you will enjoy.

All content are originals. Please do not copy, download, save, reproduce, nor use without my expressed written consent.

-As a Contributing Writer-

My testimony on being a scholar and board member for one of the most prestigious college honors societies in the nation- the National Society of Collegiate Scholars-

"NSCS- My Experience and Why It's Worth It"

Blog post entries written for the Love Yourself Foundation (as a volunteer and writer)

"Always Remember What You Have"

"Reflections on Relationships"

"Career Aspirations"

"Hope for a Better Community"

"Finding Passions Takes Time"

"How Patience Changed Me"

Blog post entries written for the UNLV French Club (as a member and as a Website Writer)-

"A Review of Le Paris Brest Cafe" (same as "Le Paris Brest Cafe: The French-Tahitian Cafe Off The Strip (Review) (2022)" in this website)
"Come Join Us For 2022's Festival of Communities"
"Please Support Our Fundraiser: Three Square"
"Traveling Around the World is Fun! So Let Me Explain to You Why!" (same as "My Lifetime Hobby: Traveling (2022)" in this website)
"What Do You Prefer in Croissants: Store-made or Bakery-made?"
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