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  • Ashley Lee

Brew Tea Bar: The Bubble Tea With Variety (Review) (2022)

By: Ashley Lee

From my most recent trip- Brew Milk Tea (left) and Celyon Milk Tea (right)

Note: I am not sponsored nor endorsed by Brew Tea Bar to write this review; everything was solely based on my own experience, and it was my discretion to offer my opinion in this platform.


Growing up, I drank bubble tea (boba) once in a while. When I go to restaurants, sometimes, my loved ones would order it to go with our dishes, and I must say- it's a good combination.

A couple years back, I learned about a boba place from a friend of mine who was starting to work there called the Brew Tea Bar.

In the beginning, I would take my loved one with me to get boba, and she liked it. At that time, I didn't want to drink their boba yet; I wasn't ready.

Then recently, after attending a meeting for a chapter I was in (back in college), I tried their Jasmine Green Tea (the iced tea with no boba). At first, I thought it wasn't going to be too sweet, but I was wrong. I didn't realize how sugary the beverage was, but it did help me stay awake as I was on campus since 9 a.m. that day.

Looking back, I really tasted the tea in it. It had a rich taste that left a good impression on me. As a result, I felt determined to try more of their beverages.

Fast forward to about a week later and I took my loved one back to Brew and tried the Brew Milk Tea with the honey boba (tapioca balls). She ordered the Taro Milk Tea with honey boba, and we found both teas to be flavorful. I didn't want my tea to be too sweet this time and asked them to make it 25% sweeter. Thankfully, when I sipped it, the sweetness was enough. When I tried the Taro Milk Tea, I could taste the fresh taro that's mixed well with the tea; it was refreshing.

Throughout my experience, I've also tried the following milk teas: Jasmine, Thai, Matcha, Hong Kong (tastes a little similar to the Brew Milk Tea), Hokkaido, Oolong, and Ceylon (also tastes like the Brew Milk Tea, but the tea is moderately strong).

Overall, I favored the Brew, Jasmine, Taro, Thai, Ceylon, and Oolong milk teas, but that doesn't stop there.

Sometime in the future, I plan to explore more in their menu.

Even though I've had their honey boba almost every time I went there, I did try their crystal boba. If I had to pick which boba I favored more, I would prefer the chewiness of the honey boba. It's a little bouncy when chewing it, but I enjoyed it.

Although the crystal boba is easy to chew, the taste is different, of-course. It's not as bouncy as the honey boba. When I asked the cashier what's in the crystal boba, I was told that there's some seaweed in it and another component (which I already forgot). This is a vegan-friendly topping, and I would recommend it. If I had to give it another chance, I definitely would, but I need to think of which tea to order first.

Like the many teas I have yet to try, I aim to try more of their toppings. For instance, I wanted to try the taro with another milk tea- which is probably and most obviously the Taro Milk Tea.

If there's another thing I wanted to add, it would be the niceness of the employees. Of all the times I paid a visit to Brew Tea Bar, they always get my order right!

I've never had a bad experience going in there, but at the same time, I try to go there when there's not a lot of people- given that there's still a pandemic going on.

As of right now, Brew Tea Bar has three locations, and it's only in Las Vegas. They are located in Henderson, near the UNLV campus, and in the Southwest area. Click here to view their addresses.

Out of five stars, I would give the Brew Tea Bar a 4.6 out of 5 stars. The remaining 0.4 stars was deducted due to some of the teas I tried and didn't like, but I want you to know that this is based on my own taste buds. You will have a different opinion than mine, and that's definitely fine!

If you want to support a local small business, and you're in Las Vegas, then give Brew Tea Bar a chance. They will welcome the support you can give.

If you're interested in what they offer, click here for their menu.

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