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  • Ashley Lee

Le Paris Brest Cafe: The French-Tahitian Cafe Off The Strip (Review) (2022)

By: Ashley Lee

Note: I am not sponsored nor endorsed by Le Paris Brest Cafe to write this review; everything was solely based on my own experience, and it was my discretion to offer my opinion in this platform.


Have you ever wanted to try a small cafe that serves French food, and it’s not right on the Las Vegas Strip?

Le Paris Brest Cafe is the answer!

Recommended from a colleague of mine who was a part of our university’s French club, this small cafe is owned by a French-Tahitian family.

They serve savories like buttered croissants, quiches, and crêpes. Everything is made fresh with customers coming in to buy them.

With sweets, there’s plenty of pastries out there. You can order brioche, tarts, and cakes.

Plus, while you’re waiting for your order, you get to look at the comfy scenery and listen to the soothing jazz music playing in the background. Ever since I’ve taken my loved ones to this cafe for the first time, I’ve been driving back when I can to order more!

Now that I’ve been to this cafe enough to taste their cuisine, I will be doing my own analysis.

Butter Croissant

The first time I tried one of their croissants, I thought I was going to have just a little bit. Well, I end up finishing it in one standing.

It’s flavorful, buttery, flaky and fresh- and so much better than a store-bought croissant.

But read me out when I say this, but this kind of croissant is meant to be consumed right after purchasing.

For store-bought croissants, they’re meant to be eaten in more than one sitting. Their flavor is a little different than this cafe’s, but I think it tastes good in their respective ways.

This croissant can be addicting to eat, but rest assured, I saved the other for my loved one. It’s probably one of the best croissants I’ve ever eaten.

Parisian sandwich (left), Quiche Mushroom (center), and La Complète crêpe (right)

I never tried their sandwiches, quiches nor crêpes before. When I looked at their menu, I wanted to give it a try.

First, I gave their quiches a taste. I tried their Quiche Florentine (spinach and cheese and not pictured here) and found it to be not too salty. Given the healthy serving, I found the overall flavor to be descent. Admittedly, it’s not the best Quiche Florentine I ate, but I will give them credit for actually making it their way.

I then tried their Quiche Mushroom (mushroom and cheese). Already, there’s more flavor in this dish. There’s a healthy combination of eggs and mushroom, and like the Quiche Florentine, it’s not too salty. Without a doubt, I favored this quiche over the Quiche Florentine. Everything was just right in this savory tart.

Crêpes are not new to me as I’ve had them before, but this cafe is one of the best places to serve them.

Because I have issues with my throat when it comes to consuming sweets, I mainly stick to savories- especially for crêpes.

The first crêpe I tried there was the La Complète. This crêpe will let you pick between ham or turkey breast and serve it with Swiss cheese and a sunny-side- up egg. Since I don’t eat pork, I chose turkey breast and did not regret my decision.

All of the elements (from the crêpe to the Swiss cheese) blended well with each other! I liked the thin dough of the crêpe that wraps up the turkey breast, Swiss cheese, and egg, because it made it easy for me to cut it into pieces. It may look like a simple crêpe, but once you take a bite out of it, you’ll be amazed like me.

The next crêpe I ate was La Forestière. Like the La Complète, you can pick between ham or turkey breast while it’s served with mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and Bechamel sauce. Well, I was not a huge fan of this crêpe. The flavors are not unanimous this time. I tasted a lot of the mushrooms than the turkey breast and Swiss cheese. As a result, I got the feeling that there wasn’t much turkey breast in the crêpe. And, when I tried it with the Bechamel sauce, I didn’t really like it too much. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the taste of the sauce, but I know I won’t order this crêpe again. For the record, at least there's a vegetable in the La Forèstiere which I found to be a little healthier than the La Complète.

The Parisian sandwich reminded me of another sandwich I tried at another French cafe. This sandwich is served with a crunchy baguette filled with turkey breast or ham (your choice), spring mix (vegetables), hard-boiled egg slices, tomato, and mayonnaise.

When I was served the sandwich, it was hot but mostly warm which is a good temperature to eat it. Once I took a bite, the whole thing was flavorful. I really enjoyed how the mayonnaise played a role in making the sandwich tasty. It’s like eating a salad in a baguette! The portion of spring mix, turkey breast and eggs (I didn't eat the tomato) were adequate. This Parisian sandwich is probably one of the best sandwiches I ever had.

The last thing I ate there was their French Onion Soup (also not pictured here). When I brought it home, the onion soup was separated from the bread and melted cheese. Upon trying it, I could not tell if the onions were sautéed nor caramelized like in the gourmet restaurants. I found the broth to be a bit salty, but the dish itself was not bad. I liked that the portion is small but enough.

If I was asked which kind of French Onion Soup I preferred (between gourmet restaurants’ or this cafe’s), I would have to go to the gourmet restaurants. The gourmet restaurants have a style and flavor to their French Onion Soup that I tend to favor. Maybe it’s the wine, but I’m not completely sure. I feel that there's something missing in this cafe's onion soup, but I don't know what it is.

Even after I reviewed Le Paris Brest Cafe, I will most definitely go back there. Their cuisine is so rich in flavor that I want to keep trying more dishes off their menu.

Every time I go there, the staff are incredibly nice, AND they know what to recommend if you’re not sure which plate is the best.

Overall, I would give this place a 4.3 out of 5 stars. The remaining 0.7 stars was deducted due to some of the plates I tried and didn't like, but I want you to know that this is based on my own taste buds. You will have a different opinion than mine, and that's definitely fine!

Le Paris Brest Cafe is located in 9550 S Eastern Ave, Suite 110 in Henderson, Nevada.

Click here for more details (like their menu) about Le Paris Brest Cafe.

Photo Credit

The second and third photos are originals. Please do not use without my written permission.


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