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  • Ashley Lee

Cubanidad 1885: One of Las Vegas' Best Cuban Restaurants (Review) (2023)

By, Ashley Lee

Original Photo: Henderson Location

As a podcaster and so-called foodie (somewhat), I searched the Best of Las Vegas list for best restaurants for 2022 just because.

When I looked under Cuban Restaurant, I stumbled upon this place and decided to take a look at the website.

As I glanced at the menu and its locations, I decided to give this place a try as one of the locations were not too far from my home.

Upon arriving, it was around lunchtime and rainy. Not too many people were dining there. As we looked at the menu on the television screen, we were greeted and assisted by an employee who took our order.

Careful and knowledgeable, she noted our dietary restrictions and suggested what we can eat.

After ordering, we sat down and waited patiently for our food to arrive.

When the food came, I promptly snapped the photos you will see here.

PA' PICAL (Snacks)

Original Photo: Beef & Olives Empanada

Beef & Olives Empanada- I ate different kinds of empanadas in the past and found them rather sweet (due to the dough) and savory (because of the filling) simultaneously.

Needless to say, even though I am not entirely used to its taste, I will give credit to the fact that the sweet and savory elements in the dish blended well.

But this empanada was strong in flavor from the spices. Although I cannot specify which ones were used, they along with the olives and beef (the filling) complimented each other.

Original Photo: Spinach & Feta Empanada

Spinach & Feta Empanada- I need to say

it, but this kind of reminds me of spanakopita. This empanada was rich in feta but also with a good amount of spinach and spices.

Admittedly, after trying this, it did taste a little bit like spanakopita.

If I had to choose which empanada is the best between the two, I do not think I can do that. Both of them have a story to tell, and I feel that each are equally important.

Another thing that I will add- there are other kinds of empanadas out there besides these two. So whichever location you go to, you will see a variety of them.

These empanadas were definitely savory and not sweet. This is the kind of empanada I would prefer.


Original Photo: Completa (Entrée)

With this dish, you will get to pick your protein, rice, side, and sauce.

My family member's choice: Protein (chicken), Rice (white rice), Side (grilled vegetables), Sauce (I don't remember)

This dish surprised me when I first tried it. For starters, the white rice was flavorful.

When I ate white rice in the past, it was usually just the taste of rice. That's it. This white rice that I had at the restaurant tasted like there were oil and spices.

Upon talking to a representative of the restaurant, that was not the case. I will not spoil it for you should you choose to go there.

The protein was spicy but super flavorful.

The veggies were mainly squash and onions, but I did like that if you combined the rice, chicken, veggies, and sauce, then you have a decent main course.

Even though I had a little bit, I would not mind ordering it in the future.


Original Photo: Pan Con Pollo Sandwich

Pan Con Pollo Sandwich (Chicken Sandwich)-

This is a generous-sized sandwich.

The Cuban bread itself was soft when I bit it. Plus, there were lots of chicken and veggies (including pickled onions) in there.

I get that when you see this picture, you may not believe me, but trust me when I say this- it's a little bigger than you think.

Admittedly, I'm not too fond of the pickled onions, but for the record, it did stabilize the saltiness (which was not too heavy) in the sandwich.

Pretty much, this is a healthy dish, and I like it.

Next time I go back, I will need to try more like the Pan Con Bistec (beef sandwich). I'd be interested to know what that tastes like.

In the End

I got what I paid for as everything was filing. I would totally recommend this place to anyone looking to try something new.

I would give them a 4.8 out of 5 stars. The remaining 0.2 stars were deducted due to some of the plates I tried and didn't like, but I want you to know that this is based on my own taste buds. You will have a different opinion than mine, and that's definitely fine!



10575 S Eastern Ave #100 / Henderson, NV 89052


3585 S Fort Apache Rd #203 / Las Vegas, NV 89147


Cubanidad 1885 (Henderson Menu (where I went to)):


All photos are originals. Please don't reproduce nor use without my permission.


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