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  • Ashley Lee

Food For Thought (2023)

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Obviously, we know that things are not really getting to where we expected nowadays, and I think we know that these feelings of hope could/will eventually go for a lost cause.

Maybe I'm being heavily pessimistic here, but promises from the government, peers and even family seem to be falling through.

I think we need to put these harmful thoughts to the side and simply think about something else.

I know it's hard; I know that feeling too well.


From thinking about hot button topics to your next meal, life is always controversial.

Please, allow me to escort you out of those thoughts and take you some place livelier but mostly, happier.

In this article, I want to bring to you the topic of food as I noticed that it calms a lot of people down. Food brings us together, and I can explain why.


In a 2022 survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of TUMS published by Newsweek, 2,000 Americans were surveyed about their favorite foods.

  1. Over half (52 percent) loved food more than anything as 54 percent claimed that if their favorite food were a person, they would marry it. Favorite foods include pizza (59 percent), fried chicken (55 percent), pasta (55 percent) and cheese (55 percent).

2. 54 percent would do anything to have their favorite foods.

3. Some would face their worst fears just to get access to their favorite foods for free. Worst fears

include public speaking (27 percent), thunder and lighting (26 percent), and heights (25 percent).

4. 62 percent say they enjoy trying new and diverse cuisines.

5. 1 in 5 admitted they turned to eating a dish they love out of the trash can.

In another article I obtained from Study Finds, 3,000 people were asked about their love of food.

  1. 75 percent of men and 70 percent of women believed that "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach."

2. More than half find that good food puts them in a better mood.

3. Two in five people identified themselves as "foodies" while 43 percent say they're "feeders"

because of the following:

- 61 percent find happiness in feeding others.

- 44 percent carry the maternal/paternal instinct.

- 43 percent enjoy sharing their culinary creations.

4. 23 percent admitted to talking about food passionately.

5. Approximately four in ten people (~38 percent) believe that sharing food unites people while

the average American discusses the topic of food four times a day.

Food For Thought

As you can see here, I enjoy talking about food, because it's one of the least irritating topics to discuss. However, that depends on what you talk about and who you're speaking with. Plus, I find food to be a universal language that everyone can speak. There's no need to take lessons in it- unless you want to and that's with cooking.

Either way, it's an art form. Any dish is considered a masterpiece in my eyes as it took more than one ingredient (mostly) to juxtapose those elements together to become the creation you see today.

Imagine tasting it and just savoring the flavors; that brings relief and reignites the happiness in your life again.

A Podcast For Your Listening Pleasure

In 2021, I wanted to take a podcasting class and do a podcast about food and culture since there were way too many negative content out there.

That idea came true, and the Unqualified Culinary Critics were born.

The podcast covers mainly food and culture while co-hosts share their upbringings and offer their opinions on topics such as competitive eating, holiday foods we eat, and more.

As a member of the show, I sincerely ask that you please give this podcast a listen. Let this show serve as your getaway from the hard news out there, and I hope that this brings you peace.

Find us on Apple Podcasts or Spotify (as "The Unqualified Culinary Critics").


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Article by: Ashley Lee


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