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  • Ashley Lee

My Lifetime Hobby: Traveling (2022)

By, Ashley Lee

Photo: Wix

Traveling is a hobby that consists of one heading to another place in the globe.

Whether it's flying overseas or taking a road trip domestically, traveling is an activity that most people enjoy doing.

Now that some of the pandemic restrictions are easing up, people are packing their bags and temporarily leaving their homes to go explore.

Whether you're planning to fly to a place that you've never been to or are in the process of adding destinations to your bucket list, the idea of traveling will motivate you to discover what the globe has to offer.

My Story

I've been a traveler for over ten years.

The first place I ever been to was in Maui, Hawaii when I was probably four, five, or even six-years-old. Later on, it was the Philippines, a tour across the United States, and much more.

Original Photo (please do not reproduce): Maui, Hawaii

Overall, I traveled to North America (over

twenty states in the US and parts of Mexico, and Canada), Asia (China, Japan (its airport during layover only), Philippines, South Korea (overnight), Taiwan, and Thailand), Australia, and Europe (France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium).

I grew up to a family of travelers who wanted to see parts of the world.

As a result, my family wanted me to have that kind of experience as I got older, and I'm thankful for them, because I got the opportunity to travel around the globe at such an early age. They wanted me to get an idea of the various cultures that each country I go to brings.

Because of that, I started to appreciate every country I went to and plan to go back there sometime in the future.

I even want to head to places that I never been to like Singapore and Japan (aside from the airport this time).

The last time I traveled was to the Philippines in late 2019, and it's been a while.

Original Photo (please do not reproduce): Philippines

Now, I plan to get back on the road or fly overseas again- once everything is fully safe, and I feel comfortable going.

Go For it!

If you've never traveled before, I deeply recommend it.

If you're worried about stressing out while traveling, here's my two cents- I never really experienced stress while traveling (other than getting up early), because I was too busy immersing myself in my surroundings. Everywhere I went there were nice areas, a history, a story to tell, and memories that are worth noting and sharing with your loved ones.

Plus, it would be pointless to go on vacation and feel stressed out over something that isn't worth getting worked up on.

Traveling is supposed to be a stress-free activity where you get to tour attractions, take pictures, try their cuisines, and cherish the moment.

You have no idea how much I miss traveling.

If someone you know asks you to travel with them, I would not turn down the offer- unless you're busy.

If you go with them, you’ll develop another perspective of life. Not only will you know about your own country, you will gain an understanding of where you went to as well.

Whether you're planning on going on a road trip or flying overseas, don't waste the opportunity to travel if you can.

In the end, it will be worth it.


First/cover photo is from Wix.

Second and third photos are mine; please do not use without my expressed written consent.


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