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  • Ashley Lee

It's Important to Try New Cuisines- Because You May Actually Love Them (2022)

By, Ashley Lee

Original Photo: Latte at Le Cafe du Vegas

Recently, I posted an entry detailing my experiences with traveling and why I found it fun.

Now, I will dig deeper into the cultural aspects of what helps define the countries that I've been to with discussing an element- food.

About Me (Briefly)

Recently, I was featured on a podcast discussing my upbringing (where I traveled to and what kinds of foods I've tried/heard of), and I realize that those stories intrigued my friends who listened.

While the release date of the episode has not be announced, I will disclose a part of my childhood in the meantime.

Through my family, I was introduced to all kinds of cultures. I grew up eating various cuisines such as American, Chinese, Filipino, French, Greek, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese foods and grew to respect them.

Original Photo: Cacio e pepe at Spaghetty Western

As a result, I found myself being thankful for what my family showed me, because if I ate one cuisine over and over, I would get bored and restless- desperate to try another cuisine.

Now, I continue that habit of alternating various cultural foods and introducing them to friends- just so they can learn as well.

I don't think I can pick which cuisine is my favorite though, because I find them all to be good.

Plus, the best thing about these cuisines is that when I try their dishes, the spices juxtapose together to create a flavorful message for my taste buds.

The Innovation of Food Could Inspire You to Try Them

Almost any restaurant we’d go to nowadays would try to feature something creative like a pizza in the shape of a cone (Twisted Pizza in Las Vegas).

I know someone who is willing to try anything that I would take them to, and I decided to treat them to this restaurant.

Original Photo: Twisted Pizza's Sourdough Pizza Cone in Las Vegas

Twisted Pizza is the only restaurant that serves

sourdough pizza cones, so when I took them there, they were amazed.

”It's pizza but in the shape of a cone," they remarked. "How can you not like it?”

Let this inspire you- many cuisines are reaching out to people by creating various plates you’ve probably never had like cronuts- a combination of a croissant and a donut.

I've never heard of them until my cousin brought them up to me, so I was a bit interested in them.

The concept intrigued me, because these creators were combining two things that a lot of people eat before into one pastry.

I personally thought that this was a genius move.

Give Them a Chance!

In our lifetimes, we learn to adapt to the changes in our climate.

Trying new cuisines is an instance.

Look- I get that it could be a bit draining since some of us are hesitant to try new things.

Believe me- I feel the same way, but read me out when I write this. The trick is to wait until you're ready to open yourself up to what's out there. When you try it, usually it's either you like it or not. There isn't much of an in-between.

A lot of people may not have the opportunity to travel at the moment so trying different cuisines in their city is a practical substitute. Consequently, they take the opportunity to appreciate the cultures that‘s around them.

I learned that each culture is telling their story with the foods they are serving to those who are in that race/ethnicity and/or to those who have no prior knowledge of their cuisine.

I also learned that food is a universal language that unites us together. Food is the topic where we should put aside our differences and simply talk about the dishes that’s on the table.

In closing, you will encounter some dishes that you are unfamiliar with and resist it. However, if you choose to give it a chance, then you will be led to endless opportunities of new foods.

As I already mentioned, don‘t be afraid to give new dishes a chance. Your life could change for the best.


All photos are originals. Please don't reproduce nor use without my permission.



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