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  • Ashley Lee

My Approach on Opinions and Being Original (2022)

By Ashley Lee

Credit: Wix Photo

Do you ever get tired of arguing with someone over differences of opinions?

Does it cause you to not talk to them for a while, because you realize that they don't think like you? And it even breaks your heart?

Well, let me tell you something obvious that maybe you don’t know about- each and every single one of us are built differently.

This is something we should take into consideration nowadays.

Your actions and words define who you are as a person. Whatever you believe in defines how different you are from others, and being original is better than nothing.

Being With Like-minded People is a Good and Bad Thing.

I've noticed that a lot of people (myself included) enjoy each other's company because of the fact that we are like-minded. As much as being like-minded makes things great for everyone, there's a downside to this.

Sometimes, being with others who think like each other can be kind of creepy- almost cult-like. I see it in some people, and I wonder if their similarities are exactly the same and have little to no differences.

Politics (mostly), religion- you name it- this kind of behavior could be anywhere, so be careful.

Regardless, the best we could do is to mind our own businesses.

Be HUMBLE About Your Opinions.

Look- I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Whether it’s good or bad, you’ll have admirers along with enemies. There’s no way out of it. We can’t please everyone.

Personally, I find that people (including myself again) often make the mistake that their opinions on a topic are right but ends up in a shouting match with somebody else who disagrees with them about that topic.

Here’s an idea- try to develop this kind of mentality that your opinion is your opinion. It matters to you, but don't expect everyone to agree.

Simply put, you can say what you want to say but don’t be overly passionate about the topic and show it off. It rubs some people’s skin the wrong way.

Be humble and let others speak their minds (without interrupting) too. That’s one way to earn someone’s respect.

The folks you‘re talking with may be listening to you but understand that you could/will be met with disagreements.

Don’t sulk if it happens, because you can‘t expect your peers to be like you.


I get that it feels great to voice our opinions to the world. It feels even better that you established a following of individuals, because you’re preaching the right thing (in their minds). But remember, as I mentioned above- we’re all built differently.

I noticed this attitude in people long enough to voice my concerns here. I don’t know if you feel the same as me, but this problem is getting out of control.

Sadly, it's been like that for decades.

Part of the time, one is respected, but on another instance it’s the exact opposite.

It's times like this that we have to be careful with how we properly arrange our words to prove a point.

There's No Such Thing as a Right or Wrong Opinion.

Remember that.

You are right in your eyes, and some people will echo your sentiments. However, there are some who believe you are wrong. Even if you don't agree with them, please hear what they have to say first. Maybe your opinions could change, and that's not a bad thing. Remember that life is fluid as we speak. Not everything in life is fully concrete.

Keep in mind that we are correct and incorrect on lots of things; that's completely natural as well.

If you're accurate, that's great! If you're off the radar, don't be mad about it. Learn from the mistake and move on- even if it hurts.

A Final Note: Remember to Think For Yourself!

I once read a novel telling me that I should not be told how to think; I should be able to figure out what my ideals are since I am the only one running my own trail.

Well, this advice is going to you.

Embrace your own bubble of uniqueness and don't let others pop it just because you're different from them.

Your opinions partly sum up who you are as a person. Playing the bandwagon game does not solve all of our problems here.

There's nothing wrong with standing out and being true to your roots. Believe me.


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