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  • Ashley Lee

The Codfather: Probably The Largest Fish and Chips I Ever Ate (Review) (2023)

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One day while I was updating myself with local news, I came upon a list for Yelp’s Top 50 Restaurants to Eat in Las Vegas for 2022.

Upon clicking it, I checked out the list, which part of the valley they’re located at, and their reviews.

That’s when I found out about this place- The Codfather.

Upon looking at their Facebook, its menu, and how many stars they’ve received (mostly five out of five), I decided to make the trip to see why people were amazed at this place.

Upon arriving, I realized it bordered the northern part of Henderson and east Las Vegas (Paradise area)- a tad bit. I was a little concerned for my safety but remembering that I’m technically in Henderson gave me some relief.

The Codfather is in a small place with shops that can be easy to miss if you're driving too fast. Luckily, I remembered that I had to pass a car shop before making the turn into the small plaza where the restaurant’s located.

I happened to come at the right time as I was able to find parking. Plus, it wasn’t too busy.

After arriving inside, I saw that people were already at their tables waiting for their food while others were eating.

There was no line in front of us as I checked the menu and knew what to order- cod and chips for me and haddock and chips for my loved one.

Admittedly, when I did my research before coming here, I knew that it was going to be expensive, but I paid the price anyways as it didn’t stop me from eating fish and chips.

While waiting for the food at our table, I started to see more customers come in and order.

It was a bit of a wait, but it wasn't too long. A gentleman came by carrying a tray with our lunch along with condiments for our usage.

Please click on the photos below to see the original fit.

Looking at our meals, we each got one large piece of fish and beneath were the chips (fries).

Each portion had enough fries for one sitting.

The cod was not too firm but soft and had an equal amount of flavor in its spices.

The haddock, on the other hand, was firm but also flavorful.

These fish and chips were battered with care (there were equal amounts of batter and fish), and like I said earlier had enough chips for one meal.

The past fish and chips that I ordered had two or three pieces of fish with more batter than meat, but you still get what you paid for- though that could be subject to debate…

If I had to be very honest about the price for these fish and chips, I’m not a huge fan.

It’s just that if you come to think of it, you’re charged over fifteen dollars (according to my receipt) for one large piece of fish, chips, and a drink while you’re paying the same amount for two or three pieces with the chips (drink not included)- but it also depends on the size of those pieces.


Remember that our economy also played a role in the expensive price.

Even though I went to the Codfather once, I can see the amount of care that the staff put into operating this restaurant. This is a LOCAL restaurant that a lot of people enjoy, and I find to like as well.

The restaurant is clean, and the staff are friendly.

As a result, I give the Codfather a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The remaining 0.5 deducted was due to the expensive price, but you will have your own opinions which is definitely fine!

Despite the expensive price, there’s plenty of food to order, so PLEASE give this place a try and support your local restaurants. They really need it.


2895 N Green Valley Pkwy F, Henderson, NV 89014


MyNews3's Article Regarding Yelp's Top 50 Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas:


All photos are originals. Please don't reproduce nor use without my permission.


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