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  • Ashley Lee

Why It's Important to Help Small Businesses (2021)

By: Ashley Lee

Growing up, I was told to be grateful for what I have; now, as an adult, I am doing just that.


Before COVID-19 hit, I notice that we as human beings took a lot of things for granted. Once the pandemic hit us globally, we had a wake-up call. As a result, we are treating each other with more respect than before the ongoing ordeal. Admittedly, this baffles me, but it's better now than never.

When I read and heard on the news that small businesses are closing due to the stay-at-home orders, I find it heartbreaking that these business owners are making these tough decisions, but I would probably do the same thing if I were in their shoes. This is what they worked for all those years; this is their source of income. They needed these funds to put food on the table for their spouses, children, themselves, to pay their bills, etc.

Now, they have to fold up their projects.

To the businesses that are now defunct, I do hope that you will find a way to survive now and beyond.

Towards the end of last year, I decided to get involved and help out. Although I was afraid to go out and help physically, I resorted to doing my share online. I went on Etsy to find some t-shirts and decided to make some purchases.

In case you've never heard of Etsy, it's a website promoting small businesses. They can sell anything from t-shirts to pins, posters, etc. The best part about these small businesses is that their products are are originals (at least where I get my products from).

From experience, I have received fast shipping and beautifully created works of art. I was satisfied with their services. In fact, if I needed any more shirts or other items, I would go back to these stores.

I would like to give my acknowledgements to the following: AceApparelCo, Afrodits, ArtChurn, DesignMustang, EverydayOlive, InkfulMerch, KalleidoscapeDesign, LavenderBluesMarket, LuckApparelUS, Meugraphics, rebeccasasinasart, RokoClothing, strawbellii, ThreePeakApparelCo, TimetechApparel, UpgradeYourTshirts for selling amazing pieces of merchandise. If you would like to look at these shops, feel free to click on their names as the link to their catalogs are attached.

As the pandemic started to wind down a bit, I went with my family to support some local restaurants near where we live. Restaurants are one of the businesses that's been hit the most since the pandemic started; I feel bad that some places did not last long, but thankfully, others remained resilient.

I went to places like Brew Tea Bar, Joyful House, China Go Go, Porto's Bakery and Cafe (I ordered the "Bake at Home" goods), Pinches Tacos, Taj Palace, Le Paris Brest Café, BB.Q Chicken, and Lou Malnati's. These are just to name a few. If you would like to look at these restaurants, feel free to click on the names. Hopefully, you could become another fan of them

Once everything gets better, we plan to continue dining (there or take out) at more restaurants across the valley. Hopefully this virus will go away real soon, because everyone would like to continue living their lives.

To all of the small businesses out there who are either active or inactive- THANK YOU.

You are an inspiration to all who look up to you. We admire how you display courage and perseverance before and during the pandemic.

Photo Credit

Cover photo is from Wix.


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