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Here, you will find interviews I've conducted in the past in features, audio recordings, etc. to display my journalist background.

All content are originals.

Please do not copy, download, save, reproduce, nor use without my expressed written consent.

A Magical Night at Spring Flicks (2019)

I interviewed members of the UNLV Department of Film for their upcoming spring festival- Spring Flicks.

"Empowerment- Nurse (6.6.20)"

As the pandemic was at its first peak, I interviewed a local nurse who took time aside to share her story about how COVID-19 impacted her life.

Listen below.

Empowerment- Nurse (6.6.2020)
00:00 / 05:22

Michael Tylo: A Dedicated Actor (2022)

I had the opportunity to interview actor Michael Tylo before his untimely death. Tylo was best known for acting in Guiding Light (1952), All My Children (1970), and Zorro (1990).

"The Track" (2022)

In this interview, I spoke with filmmaker Brett Levner about the process of making her film The Track.

Listen below.

The Track
00:00 / 12:15
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